Using a Page Referrer URL

Last updated June 10, 2019

Adding a referrer tag

The WorkCast platform allows tracking of registration source through the use of referrer tags that can be added to any registration page link. This allows unique registration page links to be used for different marketing campaigns, organisations, individuals or sources. If the referrer tags are used this data is then returned in the registration reports for the event.

Adding a referrer tag to a registration page is extremely simple and can be done on any WorkCast Platform generated link. Simply add &referrer= to the end of your page url then your trackable referrer code.

For example:

In this example anyone registering with this link will show in the registration report with insite in the referrer column

You can use social media, comms or even self created referrer codes for this. For example:

  • &referrer=Email
  • &referrer=Facebook
  • &referrer=LinkedIn
  • &referrer=SponsorName


  • There is no limit on the number of referrer tags you can use, simply add to the end of the registration page address and this will pull through to the reporting
  • Do not use spaces or special characters in the referrer text as this will affect your reporting
  • In order to make the most of the referrer, try to make the tag as relevant as possible. For example - &referrer=twitter_[[date of event]]

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