The types of help and advice we offer.

WorkCast Support

A service available to all customers for help and advice needed while building or running events in the WorkCast platform


Our webinar experts deliver dedicated on-boarding to get you started with creating and configuring events within the WorkCast platform.

Self Serve

You create, configure and deliver webinars from your account, with world-class analytics and data integrations.

Learning Portal

Detailed searchable guides and documented steps for everything you need to know about webinars.

Live Chat

Direct from your WorkCast account, 24/5 live support is there is you need to reach out to one of our webinar experts.

Monitored Events

You build and run your event, with the WorkCast Support Team logged in and watching your event. Our team is there if you have any questions or support needs.

Premium Events

Events are overseen by our dedicated Premium Support Team, from booking and creating through to delivery.