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How to login to the WorkCast Interactive Studio 

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How to login to the WorkCast Interactive Studio 

Click the studio URL provided to you by the organisation hosting the event. This will open to the below:

Enter the Username and password provided. (Please ensure there are no spaces before or after)

The webpage will then reload to the WorkCast interactive studio as shown below, where upon first entry you will see the Pod options menu bar to the left of your screen, with My Connections Pod and the Presenter Only chat pod activated, open and in view.

Note: All pods within the studio are re-sizable. To do this click the bottom right of the pod and drag to the size which best suits you.

Pod options menu

Located to the left of your studio view, here you can choose the pods you'd like to activate within your WorkCast Studio view.  

To activate a pod click the toggle to the right of the pod name. This will change to green indicating it is activated. 

The pod will then show in the main studio window, click the + icon to open this into view.

If you’d like to remove a pod from view, click the toggle again or  X on the pod. 

My Connections Pod

The My Connections pod is where you can connect your webcam, hear and see other presenters, and share your screen to screenshare any presentation slides.

Upon entering the Studio for the first time the My Connections pod is visible and in view and loaded to the Studio Lobby.

Here you can:

  • Display Name – Chose how you would like your name to appear to other presenters within the studio and also the audience once the event is broadcasting.

  • Microphone – Click to mute or unmute your audio upon entry. To view your available microphones and speaker output options click the small arrow to the top right of the speaker icon.

  • Show/Hide Webcam – Click to show or hide your webcam upon entry. Does your device have multiple cameras available? Are you wanting to connect to an external Webcam? Click the arrow and select the camera you want to use.

  • Presenter Background (optional) - If you wish to hide your webcam background you can choose from a list of pre-set images, background blur or upload your own background image.

  • Join the Event β€“ Once you are happy with your name, Mic and webcam options Click here to join the other presenters waiting for you in the studio.

Main Event Controls

Once you’ve joined you are still able to change any of the settings previously selected in the lobby


  1. Mute/Unmute Button - Click to mute or unmute your audio throughout the event. To view your available microphones and speaker output options click the small arrow to the top right of the speaker icon.

  2. Show/Hide Webcam - If you just wish to connect your microphone you can hide your webcam if required. If you choose to hide your camera, then you will be hidden completely from the my connections pod. You will not be seen, but you will still be heard.

    If you have multiple/external cameras connected, you can choose your camera by selecting the arrow to the top right of the camera icon.

  3. Share Your Screen - Click this to share your screen. You will be given the option to share your entire screen, an application window, or a particular browser tab. To end screensharing click this icon again and you will see this disappear from your My Connections.

    When you share your screen this will appear large to the audience with anyone connected via webcam appearing as small thumbnails to the right.

  4. Participants Pane - This will open a list of all presenters/producers connected within My Connections pod. 

  5. Toggle Local Presenter View β€“ You are able to change your my connections view here. The two styles we have available are: Speaker View which shows the person speaking as full screen while all other presenter thumbnails to the right or Tile view which shows all presenters with active webcams in view.

    Note: Whatever you change your view to within the studio, will not change it for the audience. Please speak with the organisation hosting the event if you would like a specific layout to be seen to your audience.

  6. Performance Settings - Adjust the quality of your camera based upon your internet connection. You can change to lower quality if you are on a poorer connection. By default it will connect to the highest quality.

  7. More Options - Click to see additional menu options

  8. Disconnect/Connect Button β€“ This button allows you to leave the My Connections.

    Note: If you do this during a live broadcast you will not be seen/heard by the audience, but you can re-join.

  9. Shortcuts - Keyboard shortcuts to quickly access items in the My Connections pod.

  10. Settings - Click to show additional options.

    a. Devices - Review microphone, camera and audio output settings and play a test sound to check your connections.

    b. Profile - Set/Change your presenter display name.

    c. Sounds - Allows you to manage your own sound notification settings.

    d. More - Language selector to select your display language. 

  11. Presenter Background - If you wish to hide your webcam background you can choose from a list of pre-set images, background blur or upload your own background image.

  12. Share a Video - This allows you to share a direct MP4 video URL or YouTube video which your presenters and audience will see if shared

Presenter Only Chat

Presenter Only Chat pod allows you to see who is available within the studio (View Presenters tab) and also to communicate with Producers and presenters within the studio (Chats tab).

Attendee’s cannot see this chat.

Attendee Questions Pod

If your event is set up for attendee’s to β€˜Ask a question’ you will have Attendee Questions pod available in the above list. In this pod you will see three tabs.

Priority – this is where you can sort the attendee questions you think most important.

Inbox – this is where all attendee questions will populate. (This is the tab which the pod will open to)

Trash – you can delete any question you don’t believe is relevant

  1. Your attendee questions will appear in the inbox. To see the full question and the options click on the question.

  2. To replay click this icon. A window will appear where you can choose to reply privately or publicly. (Note: if you click to reply publicly all attendees in the auditorium will see the question and the response.)

  3. If you’d like to Prioritize a question, click this star icon. This will then move to the Priority list accessible by the priority tab.

  4. If you’d like to delete a question, click this trash icon. This will then move to the trash tab. You can empty this tab by clicking the β€˜Empty trash’ button if you’d like.

Engagement Wall

If your event is set up to have Engagement wall it will appear to the right of the screen and open automatically upon accessing the studio. Engagement wall allows you to participate in Live Chat with your attendees and Live Q and A. To learn more about engagement wall please click here:

Polls Pod

Questions you’d like to ask your attendees during the event will be loaded into the Polls Pod. Your moderator will likely control this pod however you are able to Ask Poll to Audience, Gather results and Publish these to your audience.

This is where you will view results of any multiple choice or drop down option question within the studio.

Please note: you will not be able to see text based responses within the studio. Instead this will be available in the event reporting which the organisation running the event has access.