The different packages WorkCast offers.


Our solo package is for those who want to date us before they commit long term (don't worry, we promise we'll pull out all the stops). Solo gives you a launchpad to learn WorkCast's best practices and experiment with all the fun things our platform can do for three months. You'll have access to key features, one branded template, access for one user, attendee capacity up to 500, and premium support.


Our Lite self-service package gives you all the essentials you need to create webinars that pack a punch. Lite enables you to run live and on-demand webinars using our platform for up to 500 attendees. Lite gives you an all-access pass for our platform features, plus one branded template, access for two users, and leading integrations with popular SAAS tools.


Our Pro package is a step up from Lite. It's packed with all of the platform features you get with Lite, but with a few extras. Pro users benefit from three branded templates, attendee capacity up to 5000, one webinar library, access for five users, and leading integration capabilities with popular SAAS tools.


Our Pro package is crafted to meet your needs to an absolute tee. Think ice cream sundae. You choose your favourite flavours, sauces, sprinkles, cream, and any kind of topping you want on top. It's bespoke, it's unique, it's made just for you. As this is a made-to-measure package, you will need to contact WorkCast to speak to one of our experts for a quote.