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Mini VE Lobby - Design Guide

How to brand up your Mini VE Lobby

Step 1: Editing the Mini VE Lobby event branding through CSS

  1. Log into the WorkCast platform
  2. Click the settings icon located at the top right handside; denoted by a cog symbol
  3. Select "Administration" from the dropdown menu
  4. Then select, "Manage Auditoriums"
  5. Find the row the template name that begins with Mini VE Lobby 
  6. You can access the styling window by selecting the "Styling" icon against the relevant row

Step 2: Make your specific edits 

  1. Background Image 
  2. Font Colour and Size
  3. Footer Branding
  4. Navigation Menu Branding
  5. Carousel Branding 
  6. Editing the main logo
  7. Add Banner

Changing the background  

  1. Find the body background tag 
  2. Replace the URL with another image URL 

 --body-background: url(www.backgroundimage.com) #efefef no-repeat bottom right/cover fixed;

3.   Remove the URL so that only the HEX code is displayed for a solid colour

    --body-background: #efefef no-repeat bottom right/cover fixed;

4.  Click Save

5.  Click Save on the pop up

Changing the font color and size - Under header "Root"

    --primary-font-color: #HEX CODE;
   --paragraph-font-color: #HEX CODE;
  -- h1-large-font-size: SIZE;

  1. Primary Font Color 
  2. Paragraph Font Color 

Footer Branding - Under header "Footer Sponsor Bar"

Paste your hex colour where it says HEX CODE

    --sponsors-carousel-overlay-background: #HEX CODE

   --sponsors-background: #HEX CODE;

  1. Sponsors carousel overlay background
  2. Sponsors background

Navigation Menu Branding - Under header "Navigation"

 --nav-link-font-color: #HEX CODE;
    --nav-item-background-color: #HEX CODE;
    --nav-item-background-hover-color: #HEX CODE;

  1. Nave Item Background
  2. Nave Item Hover - hover over the navigation tile and it changes colour.

Carousel Branding 

   --session-carousel-arrow-background: #HEX CODE;
   --session-carousel-arrow-color: #HEX CODE;
   --event-on-demand-indicator-background: #HEX CODE;
   --event-starting-soon-indicator-background: #HEX CODE;
   --event-start-context: #HEX CODE;
   --tile-background-color: RGB / percentage transparency

  1. Session Carousel Arrow Background
  2. Session Carousel Arrow Color

  3. Event On Demand Indicator Background 

  4. Event Starting Soon Indicator Background 

  5. Event Start Context 
  6. Tile Background Colour

Swapping your logo 

The account default logo will pull through to your event as standard. To replace the logo: 

  1. Open your event in Creator
  2. Add Event Session
  3. Select Footer Sponsor logo 
  4. Click Session Setup & Studio Access 
  5. Change the title of the new session to Main Logo 
  6. Go to the session Extra Tab
  7. Go to Thumbnail Image 
  8. Select Choose > Choose Image 
  9. Click Upload
    • You should see the logo populate in the thumbnail image square 
  10. Go to Filters tab
    1. In the Add New Filter bar type:  Event Logo 
  11. Click Create

  12. Go to the new filter you have created and click the plus button > click search
  13. Click the select checkbox next to the Main Logo session > click "add selected"

  14. Scroll to the top and click "refresh filter change" 
    • This can take up to 15 minutes to work but once it has been refreshed it will show the new logo on the lobby, agenda and session page.
    • To change the registration page logo please follow the instructions here.

Add a Banner

  1. Go to "session set up & studio access"
  2. Go to the "tell attendees about your event in less than 4000 characters" section 
  3. Click change mode
  4. Paste this code in and replace the highlighted text with your banner mp4 link.

<img alt="Banner" src="add your image URL here" style="width: 100%;">