How to Log into the platform as a licenced user
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Logging in to the platform

How to log into the platform as a Producer or Content Editor User.

Already have access

Use the following URL: and login using your username and password.

Forgot your Password?

Don't worry simply click Forgotten your password? and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Logging in for the first time?

An email from WorkCast Notifications will arrive in your inbox with your producer user login details. (If this doesn’t arrive in your inbox please check junk/spam folder) 

Within this email you will find the Platform URL (, your username and Password. 

Using the clickable URL, login with the details supplied ensuring there are no spaces before or after the username and password. These are also case sensitive. 

You'll then be taken to your account Dashboard where you will see the below:

Reset password

Please reset your password after you log in for the first time.

To do this, click the user icon to the top right of the screen and  ‘Edit my profile’.

Then click the ‘Reset password’ button located to the left of the screen. A pop up will appear requesting your current password and the password you’d like to set yourself. 

If you want to now create an event, please follow our guide here