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Expo Virtual Event: Template & Style Guide

Learn more about the design changes that can be applied to the Expo Template as part of the design and build process for your virtual event template.

What can change as part of the design

Across all Expo template pages:

  • Header Area: Background colours/border colours only can change.
  • Brand Logo: Top left single brand logo consistent across all template pages which can link to a single URL
  • Page Background: This can be a single background image or solid background colour only.
  • Footer Area: Background colour, display the banner or hide the banner

Image Supply: Size Guide 

  • 4 Lobby Central Banners: 280px x 545px saved @ 72 DPI  as transparent PNG
  • 1 Lobby Central Welcome Sign: 200px x 410px saved @ 72 DPI as transparent PNG
  • Page Background Image: 1920px x 1200px saved @ 72 DPI JPG or PNG
  • Footer Sponsor logos: 205px x 70px saved @ 72 DPI as transparent PNG