Reviewing and Downloading your Media

How to Download a Recorded Webinar

This handy guide walks you through how to create and download your recorded webinar.

Recording Presentations

The WorkCast Platform records all presentations that are broadcast into an auditorium. The recording begins as soon as the Broadcast button is pressed in the studio. This means you will never miss recording a session and all recorded content is ready to use at a later date.

Using Recorded Content

Most recorded content is used for the creation of an On-Demand version of the Live event. With all types of WorkCast Licenses, this can be done by clicking the Create On-Demand button, which starts the creation process of the On-Demand session. 

Then Publish On-Demand

During this, it will update the live audience Event Auditorium URL to contain the On-Demand version of the media. 

This clones your live session to create the On-Demand, preserving your live event statistics.

Embedding the Media on a Different Website

The WorkCast Platform can provide session embed code, allowing you to embed your event onto an external website.

This is a more advanced option than simple media embed, as you are able to take advantage of the WorkCast Platform reporting function.

This means you can review your viewing statistics and utilize our content delivery network, for smooth viewing globally.

Downloading Your Media

If you wish to download your basic .mp4 media file for your own purposes, there are differences between the capabilities of Present+ and Producer+:


Present+ users are unfortunately unable to download media from the WorkCast Platform.


As a Producer+ user, you are able to access any recording done through the platform, in your Event tab. 

  • In Event Setup, click on the Media tab
  • You can find the exact name of the On-Demand session media file you wish to download by looking at the Files column

  • Choose the media file you are looking for. All media is timestamped, so you will be able to see the date of creation to help your search
  • Once you have clicked on your media, you will see some downloadable links.
  • Click on the link you wish to see, usually, this is the MP4 link. Then whilst on the MP4 URL and the media is playing,  right-click anywhere on the media and press Save As.