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Hubspot Integration

Last updated December 10, 2018

Customers of WorkCast Producer+ and Enterprise licenses have the option to integrate with Hubspot.


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  1. Hubspot Registration Forms

  2. Landing Page

  3. Workflow

  4. WorkCast Hubspot Interface

Hubspot Registration Forms

Standard Hubspot Forms functionality can be used to create Registration Forms that feed both the Hubspot Platform and the WorkCast Platform.


Hubspot Registration Forms can be used to push registration data into the WorkCast Platform. This is done by means of a Webhook which does an HTML POST to the WorkCast Hubspot Data Usher interface. This interface is specific to Hubspot. Its purpose is to transform the standard JSON formatted Contact data in to a form that the WorkCast Data Usher can then process.


This can be setup in the following way:-


This is the Hubspot Registration Form that clients will fill out and submit in order to register for WorkCast Event Sessions.


  1. First, create a new Hubspot Form from the Contacts Menu.



After giving it a suitable name, a basic form will be created containing the minimum required fields and a Submit button.


Any required fields can be added or amended using this screen.



The WorkCast Hubspot Data Usher Interface requires the creation of the following 3 fields on the form:-





Default Value

Redirect Success



Redirect Failure



Data type





The Field Label can be anything you want but the Field Name must be the same as in the above table. The Default Value example given above may have to be modified depending upon the clients URL masking configuration.


It is also recommended that these 3 fields are made Hidden as the users should not be allowed to edit them.





The 3 standard fields:-






are also required by the WorkCast Platform.


The field names above follow the same format as a standard WorkCast Data Capture / Registration Form. Details of the fields that can be included in a WorkCast Registration Form are given in the WorkCast Data Capture Integration document (WorkCast_Data_Capture_Integration_v109).


Any of the other standard (wrk_standard_ ) or Custom (wrk_custom_ ) fields mentioned in the above Integration document can also be included on the Hubspot Form and the data will be passed to the WorkCast Platform.



Landing Page


This is basically the web page that the clients will hit within Hubspot that will contain the Registration Form.


A new Landing Page can be created using the Landing Pages option on the Content Menu.


  1. Please choose a template that best suits your needs or create your own template using the Design Manager. Ensure that the Template used either contains a Form Module or that you add one. Select the Form used in the previous section.




The Workflow is setup to link the actions of filling out a registration form with the firing of a Webhook. This Webhook then does an HTML POST to WorkCast.


  1. The first step is to set up a new Workflow from the Contacts Menu.


This should be setup as a Standard Workflow using the following options:-


“Automatically” enroll contacts when they meet these criteria:

Form Submission

Contact has filled out form “A”

on Page “B”

No Filter


Form A and Page B were set up in the previous sections.


You can choose to re-enroll contacts who fill out the form again.


This is a guide only and the above options can be modified to suit your needs.


  1. Now you need to add a new Action by clicking between the Form Completion Step and the Workflow End step.


The new Action should be setup as:-


Trigger a Webhook



Use Authentication = No



The ‘meid’ (Managed Event Id) and ‘pak’ (Public Access Code) values shown in the example above can be found in the Event Session Summary section of the WorkCast Platform. The ‘Pak’ is shown at the end of the Form URL value.




  1. Ensure that the Workflow is saved and that it is made Active.
  1. Once published, anyone that fills out the Hubspot Registration Form will have their registration data pushed to the WorkCast platform and registered for the relevant event.


WorkCast Hubspot Interface


The previous section shows that the Hubspot Webhook needs to POST to the HubspotDataUsherBridge web page on the WorkCast Integration Website.


This is a data transformation page that takes the standard JSON Contact data from the Hubspot Webhook and extracts the relevant fields to be passed to the standard WorkCast Data Usher page in a format that it can understand.


Details of the mandatory query string parameters and JSON fields can be found in the previous section.

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