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Last updated November 10, 2016

You will find a range of useful questions and answers around event creation, viewing events and sections of the WorkCast Platform.

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Q. I can't hear anything when viewing the event I have created

A. Please ensure that your speakers are turned on, the audio on your computer is turned on and the volume is turned up. If you are using headphones and have no audio please unplug these to see if the audio resumes, if no please check your audio options on your computer using the control panel on your machine.

Q. I can't see the video in the event I have created

A. The WorkCast Platform streams in a number of formats (see Insite including Flash free MPEG-DASH (primary in most instances), Flash for older browsers and HLS for devices such as phones and tablets. If you are not able to see the live event but were able to view the test stream here please clear your browser cookies and then refresh the live event auditorium.

Q. I get an error asking me to install the Flash plugin

A. We would strongly recommend updating your browser type to avoid the need for a Flash based stream. However if this is not possible the WorkCast Platform still broadcasts as a backup to a Flash based player for older browsers. For further information on browser compatibility please see Insite

Q. The video keeps starting and stopping/appears jerky in my event

A. The most likely cause of issues with playback including stuttering video, jerky video or video that stops/starts and buffers frequently is a poor internet connection.

  • If you can try connecting to a hard line connection, this may solve the issue.   
  •  An on-demand version of the event is usually available later where you can allow the video to buffer and download prior to viewing.

Q. I am asked for login details when I change between each speaker session

A. Our events use cookies to store a small file on your computer that authenticates you between each speaker.

  • If your browser does not have cookies enabled you will be prompted to authenticate between speakers.    
  • Please try to enable cookies in your browser.

Q. I am trying to access the event from my mobile

A. All events are HLS streamed for mobile devices, the stream will start on your device at the scheduled start time of the event.

  • Watching the event on your mobile device will use your mobile data. We advice connecting via wifi to view events.

Q. Removal of proxy settings

A. Your browsers proxy settings may prevent viewing of the test stream or your event.

You may need to remove these settings:

  • If your computer settings/permissions allow you to do this, you can access our guide on how to remove proxy settings by clicking here
  • If your settings/permissions do not allow you to remove the proxy settings you will need to contact your IT department.

Q. I have not received my registration confirmation email

A. Some email providers have what is called a 'spam' or 'junk' folder. Unrecognised/unknown emails can sometimes be directed to this folder.

If your confirmatin email has been blocked check with your IT team to ensure the email address used is added to a list of safe senders. You may need to register again to dispatch a second details email to you.

  • If you check your spam folder and if you still have not received your email please contact a member of our Support team, with the name of the event.

Q. Hearing an echo when watching an event

A. Hearing an echo whilst watching your event could mean you have the event open in more than one browser.

  • Check you only have one browser open, making sure to close any extra browsers you do not need.
  • If you continue to experience an echo, please refresh your browser.



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