Optimal Webcam Performance

Last updated November 13, 2020

To have your video working to its optimal performance for an Interactive webcam event you need to understand the variables that can free up your computer’s CPU from tasks, or reduce the amount of video data to process

  • Make sure your browser is running the latest version. Chrome is constantly making improvements to their browser, with it comes fixes and enhancements. Not being on the latest browser could be causing issues. Check if you need to update: chrome://settings/help
  • Ensure the ‘My Connections’ pod is at its minimal size within the WorkCast studio.
  • Try using your internal microphone and camera and see if the audio sync is better. It's a good way to eliminate hardware issues.
  • Make sure you are on a stable network! Ethernet connection is the easiest way to ensure a stable network connection. Check if your router/modem are up to date and capable of handling the upload speeds necessary to stream.
  • Turn off any software running on your computer you do not need for streaming. Anything to free up your CPU will help. Close multiple browser windows and tabs, close music recording software, close any games and video intensive software. If you don't need it to stream, it shouldn't be open.
  • Adjust your webcam to a lower setting. Your webcam may be set at very high HD settings. The encoder then has to convert that video to lower quality for streaming. That takes a lot of CPU power to do that. If you can, try it and see the result. You can also navigate to the ‘settings’ within the My Connections pod and reduce the quality from HD to Standard.
  • Remove/avoid any webcam effects from your broadcast such as: face filters, webcam filters, green screen fx). All these require CPU processing to generate.
  • Remove any lighting effects in your home studio. The least amount of background "noise" the better. This reduces the amount of bandwidth needed to stream and process.
  • Check if Chrome's "Hardware Acceleration" is enabled. If it is, try turning it off and seeing the result. If it's not, try turning it on. On certain machines this setting can cause issues.

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