My First Online Event

Last updated April 7, 2016

Creating an event for the first time

The WorkCast Platform is a unique webinar and webcasting platform that allows users to have fully styled and branded event workflows that can be used for many events.

Every customer of WorkCast Present+, WorkCast Producer+ and Enterprise licenses has the option to create events as host users.

Creating an event as a Host User

When you login using your credentials you can either choose to create a new event or configure an existing event. There is an option to have inline help switched on to guide you through the process. You are able to switch this on and off as you wish.


Create a New Event

When you select Create Event you are taken to the Create Event tab. From here you will see all the Master Event Templates available to you. For further information please view our article on Master Event Templates. Every account is configured with a Standard Master Event Template to use.

You can choose to create an event from any of these Master Templates.


 You can then choose the name, description, date and time of your event.


The event is created and you are now able to configure all the specific elements for your event from the setup screen.

From here you can configure each element of your event including:

  • Details – Amend title, description, date & time
  • Presenters – Add and edit presenters and their profiles including images
  • Form - Your registration form including descriptions, titles, questions required
  • Auditorium – Ability to add further descriptions and information for the audience
  • Content – You can add splash screens, company logos, manage polls and add documents and Links that your audience will see in the event.


 You can preview the design and content of the Registration Form and Auditorium and any changes you make from here prior to publishing your event.

Once published, you are presented with the unique URLs for the Registration Form and Auditorium. These can be used in all your event promotions (and will be used in any relevant components of your Master Event Template including confirmation and reminder emails)

You are also presented with the unique URL to distribute to your presenters for that event.


Once you are happy that your event is configured correctly you can go to the Present Now button that takes you to the WorkCast Studio where all your live event interactions take place and you can load your presentation slides – See WorkCast Studio article.

You can also go to the Report Summary for this event that will show you all the basic statistics for that event as registrations occur and then for your actual live event. See reporting articles for more information.


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