New Interactive Presenter Studio

Last updated August 11, 2020

The new Interactive Presenter Studio combines webcams, telephone dial-in, and screenshare into one easy-to-use Studio. This Interactive Studio is currently enabled on an event-by-event basis for Managed Event Customers. It will soon be released to all customers as a new Presentation Type that can be easily selected during the event setup. In the meantime if you wish to continue with Self-Service usage, please follow these steps.

IMPORTANT: There are no cloud-based slides for this presentation type. You and your presenters will need to share your screen to show any slides to your audience. While using screenshare mode with this event type, slides can support video, but will not play video with audio. If you would like to include embedded video with audio in your presentation we recommend using our Slides Only presentation type or Slides and WebCam presentation type. 

Presenter Best Practice

To provide the best presenter experience, we recommend the following:

  • Use the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox on a desktop device
  • Ensure you and your presenters are using a wired internet connection rather than WIFI, as this could be unstable during a long webinar broadcast
  • Close any unused browser windows or applications that could slow your connection speed
  • Use a good quality headset
  • Have all presenters connect in the Studio and test your audio, slides, and other presentation features in advance of your event 
  • It is not recommended to use a VPN when connecting as it could lead to stability issues


How You and Your Presenters Join

Once your event has been configured by the WorkCast Support team you can join by clicking the the 'Run Event' button in the event setup section of your event. Any users with 'Presenter' only access will join via their email login details direct to the Studio.

As mentioned above, we recommended joining via Chrome or Firefox desktop browsers. When joining the Studio for the first time you will be prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone. Please ensure you allow access.


Launching the My Connections Pod

The 'My Connections' Pod is where you can connect your webcam, hear and see other presenters, and share your screen to screenshare any presentation slides.

On entering the Studio ensure the 'My Connections' Pod is visible and in view, if you can not see it on screen click the large arrow to the right of the studio which will show all of the Pods available, then click the 'My Connections' pod and this will bring it in view. You will then need to ensure you click the 'expand pod' icon to connect and see other presenters.

The WorkCast event coordinator will start the broadcast at your scheduled event time and stop the broadcast once finished. The option for 'Host' and 'Producer' users to click a  'Broadcast' button will be coming in the Spring/Summer of 2020.

Presenters who will be dialing in via a phone bridge, can contribute through audio only. Telephone dial-in details are provided in the top right hand side of the Studio. When you open the 'My Connections' Pod it will automatically try and connect your webcam and microphone.

Understanding User Controls


  1. Mute/Unmute Button - Click to mute or unmute your audio.
  2. Disconnect/Connect Button -  When you open 'My Connections' it will automatically connect you to the call. You can click the red button (2) to leave the call at any point. Note: If you do this during a live broadcast you will not be seen/heard by the audience, but you can rejoin.
  3. Show/Hide Webcam - If you just wish to connect your microphone you can hide your webcam if required.
  4. Share Your Screen - Click this to share your screen, an application window or particular browser tab. When you share your screen this will appear large to the audience with anyone connected via webcam appearing as small thumbnails. To end sharing your screen make sure you re-click the screenshare button and you see your screenshare disappear in your own view in the My Connections pod.
  5. Toggle Local Presenter View - You can click this to see all your presenters at once, this is just your local view in the Studio, the attendees will continue to see the view of the full screen user based on who is speaking.
  6. Additional Settings - Opens up a menu with additional configurations and useful links for presenters. 
  7. Your Profile - Opens your profile where you can change your user display name which your audience will see as you speak and in your thumbnail.
  8. Manage Video Quality - If you know you have a poor internet connection you can lower your webcam quality to help with ensuring your connection remains stable throughout the presentation.
  9. View Full Screen - This makes the My Connections pod full screen in your device window.
  10. Settings - Launches your own setting configurations.
  11. Speaker Stats - Shows other speakers online in the session and time connected.
  12. Shortcuts - Keyboard shortcuts to quickly access items in the 'My Connections' pod.


When Broadcasting What Do the Audience See?

The view that the audience sees is based on who is speaking. Individuals will change from being full screen when speaking, to appearing as a thumbnail view down the right hand side when they are not speaking. Important: If a user starts sharing their screen, the screenshare will take the main view and remain the full screen with all other users remaining as thumbnails. When a user stops sharing their screen it will automatically go back to the individual speaking as the main view.

2-webcam users

Multiple Webcams View





Broadcasting Live to the Audience 

If you are a Producer+ licence holder and wish to use the new Interactive Studio, when creating a new event you will need to ensure you select the presentation type 'Interactive'. If this is not available as an option to select in your account please follow the below steps:

  • Email at least 4 working days in advance of the event date and let them know you wish to enable 'Interactive' within your account.
  • The support team will ensure your account is flipped so you can then create events moving forward with the presentation type set as 'Interactive'. If you have created your event prior top this being enabled in your account you MUST change the presentation type to 'Interactive' for scheduled upcoming events.

How you start/Stop the Broadcast Self-Service

The Host/Producer user with the stream key MUST be the first user user in the 'My Connections' pod and they will have the rights to start the broadcast. IMPORTANT: If you become disconnected and there are other presenters already joined, you will lose the moderator rights when you re-connect which will stop you from being able to broadcast. The next presenter who joined after you will now be auto given moderator rights. If this happens prior to starting the broadcast please ask all presenters to disconnect for a moment and then re-join so you are granted moderator rights again.

You can see if you have moderator rights as a 'Star symbol' will appear in your thumbnail to indicate you are the moderator within the pod.


1) Click the three dots symbol bottom right in the My Connections pod to show the display menu and then click 'Start live stream'


2) Enter the stream key provided to you by WorkCast Support and click 'START THE STREAM'.

IMPORTANT: You need to start the broadcast 5 minutes before your scheduled event start time and you will need to ensure you and your presenters are on mute during this period. We recommend one presenter screensharing a holding slide during this period. Then after the 5 minutes you can stop the screenshare un-mute and begin speaking to the audience.

3) The 'Live Broadcast in on' message will appear and now ensure you and your speakers wait 5 minutes before speaking and begin the presentation.


Notes: If you wish to use an icon or image within the webinar interface you'll need to use a gravatar. You might already have one set up (a lot of systems like gmail will allocate a gravatar if you update your gmail profile to show a picture). If not you can follow the instructions here to create one. -

When you are logged into the WorkCast webinar interface, you'll see a spot in the personal settings menu (three dots lower right hand side of the webcam screen) where you change your display name or 'gravatar'. enter in the email address associated with the gravatar and it will pull in the image.

If you choose to use the same image for multiple users, you can just assign the gravatar to one user and everyone can use that person's email in that field to pull in the gravatar, if that saves some effort/time.  

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