Creating and Building an Event
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How to create a Live Event

This article will go through how you create your Interactive/Simulive/Live Stream/ Slides Only events

Creating an Interactive/Simulive/Live Stream/ Slides Only event

On the Dashboard you can click Create An Event or you can click on the Create event tab

You will now see two options. Click Live & Simulive. You will now see all available templates within the account and choose one. To preview the template you wish to use for your event click the Preview button below the thumbnail of the template. 

When you have decided which template you wish to use click Use this template. A pop up with appear in the center of the page asking for event details. 

  • Event Title
  • Description
  • Scheduled Start Date
  • Scheduled Start Time
  • Duration
  • Timezone
  • Integration (If Applicable) 

Once the above information is added click Next step. You will now be asked to select the presentation type of your event. 

Finally, you will be taken to a summary where you can review the information you've provided and the presentation type. 

If you are happy with the information click Create event.

If you'd like to change any of the information at this stage just click the back option to the bottom left which will take you back to the Presentation type first and then back to the event details if clicked again. 

Note: These elements can all be edited once the event is set up also. 


Your event is now created in its basic form.  You would be able to run an event now with the basic settings.

Event Summary Section

Title - This is the title of the event as it will show in your account.  Clicking on the title will allow you to change it. Once changed, click off the title and the pencil will change to a green tick to confirm the change in title has saved.

Date/Time - This is the date and time of the event.  All email communications and reporting is configured using this date/time.  It can be edited by clicking on it in this section.

Emails - See a live status of your emails to be dispatched from the WorkCast Platform. As standard, the Confirmation and Reminder emails will be automatically activated when an event is created. 

Registration Form URL - This page allows attendees to register for the event.

Event Auditorium URL - This is where your attendees view the live event.  As standard, no attendees will be given access without first registering, which they do through the Form URL.


Next steps.. adding registration form fields to your event