How online events and webinars can support payment gateways

Last updated April 7, 2016

There are a number of ways to generate revenue from webinar and webcast content, one of the most simple is to charge for viewing.  As such WorkCast offers a number of solutions to integrate payment facilities to your event.


The WorkCast platform is able to integrate directly with your WorldPay account.  This involves some initial account configuration after which WorldPay payment options can be added to any session.

The platform allows you to activate payment on a session by session basis and add a value in different currencies (Pound Sterling, Euro and US Dollar).
 WorkCast Worldpay webinar integration
Once WorldPay is activated in your session this will add a step for your users when registering.  They will access the WorkCast Platform generated registration page and complete fields as normal, upon submission they will then be directed to WorldPay to complete payment (carrying across their details so they don’t need to repeat).  Once the payment has gone through and is approved the registration is completed in the WorkCast platform and the users is re-directed back to the registration thanks page containing their event links.

CRM integrations

The WorkCast Platform is able to integrate with numerous other platforms in order to provide various registration options.  If you have a registration process currently this can be linked to the WorkCast platform, allowing you to use your own payment option before passing the registration automatically to us.

For further information on integration options please visit our CRM Integration pages here.

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