How Online Events & Webinars Can Support CPD

Last updated September 28, 2018

Continuing professional development (CPD) or continuing professional education (CPE) is the means by which people maintain their knowledge and skills related to their professional lives. It is continuing education as applied to professional development.

CPD obligations are common to most professions. Many professions define CPD as a structured approach to learning to help ensure competence to practice, taking in knowledge, skills and practical experience. CPD can involve any relevant learning activity, whether formal and structured or informal and self-directed.   As such webinars are a great way to reach large audiences and reward viewers with certification from their relevant accreditation body.

The WorkCast platform allows graded poll questions to be included as part of live events, the ability to track user activity and the facility to set up progressive channels, meaning users can advance through courses and receive certification upon completion.   

Graded polls can be added to your Producer+ account as an upgrade, speak to your Account Manager who will be able to organise this with you.

CPD webinar poll questions and answers

CPD webinar certificate

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