Embed a On-Demand MP4 Webinar Media File

Last updated June 7, 2016

Producer+ licence users have the ability to locate uploaded MP4 media files within their account and obtain media embed code. This allows users to then place the on-demand media file within a web page.

Note unlike event embed code or the WorkCast auditoriums this media embed code does not capture any reporting information of viewer data.

Once you are logged in to the WorkCast Platform navigate to 'Media' and then locate and click on the piece of media you would like to embed.


 Within the selected piece of media next to the MP4 Video URL click the icon next to the media URL.


This will then show a pop-up window that has a range of embed code types. The standard option displayed is embedding the player only. You should select the option you require from the drop down list and then select and copy the code to clipboard. This then allows you to paste that code where you require the media to be displayed.


NOTE: It is important to be aware this method does not gather any statistics on which individuals have viewed the media.

Adding Embedded Media to a WorkCast Registration Form

If you require adding a piece of media to your registration form navigate to your event session. Within 'Content' and then 'Form' please select which section you require the media to sit in, click on the section and then 'Source'. You can now paste the embed code in to the field. Make sure you then save your changes and publish the session.


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