Events tab

Channels based in the Events tab

This is an article on how you can manage your channel that is based within the Events tab of the WorkCast platform

What can you do?

  • Add/Link to events from your channel
  • Rearrange the order of the sessions within the channel
  • Remove a session from the channel
  • Add sessions to the correct filter
  • Change filter names
  • Add thumbnail images
  • Link the session to the event registration page. 
  • Publish the changes you’ve made


  1. Locate the Channel within the Events tab of the account and click into the channel. A lot of channels located in the events tab have the word channel in the tile however you can also locate it by unticking all but the Multi sessions option. 

  2. In the Events Experience tab if you scroll down you should be able to see multiple sessions. These are all of the sessions added to the channel currently.  (If you click on each box they will open out to show Content/Presenters/Slides/Extra’s and Advanced tab within each of the sessions.)

How to remove a session from the channel

Within event experience, your sessions are listed and it will automatically place you into the top session. Scroll down into the session you wish to remove, click on the title in the grey box, and you'll then see a trash icon that you can press to remove the session from the channel.

How to reorder sessions within a channel

To reorder the order the sessions appear in the auditorium,  remain in Event Experience and click on the grey box indicating the session, and drag up/down into positions above or below. (I.e if I wanted Session 3 to be the first session I’d drag this above Session 1.) 

How to add a session into a filter/change which filter a session is in

Click into the Filters tab

To add a session that is not already allocated to a filter, choose the filter and click the +  to the top right of the filter. Then click Search and the session title will be available in the list, click the check box and then Add Selected  (Please note the Lobby should not be added to any filters and left in the list) 

To add a session already in another filter first you’d need to remove the session from the current filter list by clicking the X to the right of the session title.  Then follow the above instructions to add into a new filter. 

Please note, the order the sessions show in the filter does not impact the order they show on the main channel page. If you’d like a session to appear before others within the filter, please find the current top session in the Event experience sections and drag the new session above it (ensure to keep the lobby - main channel page, at the top at all times).

How to add a thumbnail image

Thumbnail image requirements:
- The recommended sizing for a thumbnail image is 271x155 pixels. You are able to upload smaller, but depending on quality it may appear distorted. 
- You must also ensure there is no spaces or special characters in the file name.
- We accept jpeg/png images.

Click into the session you'd like to add a thumbnail image into, you'll see the following options: Content/Presenters/Media(Or slides)/Extras/Advanced

Click into the Advanced tab

Click choose file which is located to the right of the thumbnail image option. Locate and select the file from your device, then click the orange Upload button. 

It will first upload as a broken image, as it takes around 15 minutes to generate. 

If you'd like to replace the thumbnail image with a new image, you simply follow the above steps again and it will replace the old. 

How to make the session link to the registration page

Some channels are open access, so you hit the lobby page without needing to register, so some clients like to then have the individual events within the channel, like to their respective registration pages, so they need to register for each individual event. 

Locate your registration link by clicking into the events tab and searching for the specific event via the title or date/time. Once found, copy the registration URL, then go back into your channel, and into the session in question.

Within the advanced tab, paste the registration URL into the Auditorium Link URL section. 

A green bar will appear at the top, you press the green save button, and then the blue publish draft button. 

How to complete a channel refresh 

Refreshing your channel once you've made changes, should only be done once you are ready for your audience to see these changes.

Please note: currently refreshing your channel can only happen when there are no unpublished sessions within your channel. (To understand which sessions within your channel are published and unpublished, you'll notice either a grey circle on the left of the title or a green circle. Green = published. Grey = unpublished.)

Within the Filters tab, at the top of this tab, you'll see Summary

Click refresh filter changes. This refresh can take 15 minutes to complete and show changes. 

If you do not see the changes after that amount of time, try opening the channel URL into a new incognito window, or an alternative browser as you could be cached.