Channels tab

Channels based in the Channels tab

This is an article on how you can manage your channel that is based within the Channels tab of the WorkCast platform

What can you do?

  • Add a session 
  • Add sessions to the correct filter
  • Reorder the sessions
  • Remove a session from the channel
  • Refresh Channel


Click into the channels tab at the top of your account, and locate your channel from the list, clicking on the title to enter.

What currently can you not do yourself? (Things you have to email for us to assist you with)

  • Change filter names
  • Add thumbnail images
  • Link the session to the event registration page. 

Sessions tab

You can add any session to your channel. The session just needs to be approved to be available in the add sessions list. A session can be included in as many channels as required.


You can reorder sessions by clicking on the arrow to the left of the session and then using the Up/Down arrows at the bottom of the list moving it into place. (Please note the Lobby should ALWAYS be the top session)

To remove a session click the X to the right 

To see if a session is published or unpublished, you can see this under the Published column.

How to add a session into a filter/change which filter a session is in

Click into the Filters tab

To add a session that is not already allocated to a filter, choose the filter and click the +  to the top right of the filter. Then click Search and the session title will be available in the list, click the check box and then Add Selected  (Please note the Lobby should not be added to any filters and left in the list) 

To add a session already in another filter first you’d need to remove the session from the current filter list by clicking the X to the right of the session title.  Then follow the above instructions to add into a new filter. 

Please note, the order the sessions show in the filter does not impact the order they show on the main channel page. If you’d like a session to appear before others within the filter, please find the current top session in the Event experience sections and drag the new session above it (ensure to keep the lobby - main channel page, at the top at all times).

How to complete a channel refresh 

Refreshing your channel once you've made changes, should only be done once you are ready for your audience to see these changes.

Please note, currently refreshing your channel can only happen when there are no unpublished sessions within your channel. (To understand which sessions within your channel are published and unpublished, click on the sessions list and it will say either published or unpublished)

To the left of the page you should see the following screenshot, Please click the Unpublish option, click continue to the pop-up message and then click the word Publish. 

This refresh will take 15 minutes to complete and show changes. If you do not see the changes after that amount of time, try opening the channel URL into a new incognito window, or an alternative browser as you could be cached.