Using SnapEngage Virtual Event Chat

Last updated August 13, 2020

For larger scale virtual events who wish to focus on a 1-2-1 presenter to attendee chat for areas such as sponsor/university booth pages, we have an alternative chat solution for chat moderators to log into to respond to attendees chat.

Step 1 - Receiving Login Details

You will receive an email from SnapEngage which will ask you to set a password and allow you to login to the online chat portal to respond to any attendees questions. 

Step 2 - How a Chat Moderator Responds to Attendees


IMPORTANT: Please note this is not a standard platform feature and must have been agreed with your customer success manager or as part of the initial on-boarding/sales process for the project due to a high capacity of chat moderators and attendees expected.


Use while chatting with your website visitors:

\email – The agent can enter the visitor’s email address so that it is saved. For example, if an agent enters \ during a chat, this is the email address that will be saved for the agent to follow-up with.

\goto  Our co-browsing feature to send visitor to a website address (e.g.: goto

\ban – Ban current visitor from chatting for 30 days. This works with a cookie placed on the visitors computer, so you will be unable to unban the user.

\banip – Ban IP from starting any chats, permanent.

\bye – Disconnect visitor from chat or in other words, End the Chat.

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