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What is a Custom Master Event Template?

Last updated March 7, 2018
The WorkCast Platform is a unique webinar and webcasting platform that allows users to have fully styled and branded event workflows that can be used for many events.

Every licensed customer of WorkCast has the option to purchase Custom Master Event Templates and have them available in their account.

Most users choose to have Custom Templates created as they want their webinar or event workflows to look like their website or to be tightly integrated with an existing workflow created on their CMS or Marketing Automation platform.

A Standard Master Event Template consists of 6 individual components:

  1. A Registration Form page
  2. A Registration Thanks page
  3. A Confirmation email
  4. Reminder email(s)
  5. A live/On Demand Auditorium
  6. Post Event email

The concept of the Custom Master Event Template is two fold:

  1. That the design, content and styling of each of these components can be altered to contain additional content or be styled completely to your website
  2. That certain additional components can also be added to or withdrawn depending upon the workflow that is being created. This is especially relevant in the following scenarios :
    1. Multi session event types such as symposiums, virtual events, job and recruitment fairs
    2. Where webinars are integrated into another workflow from your organisation such as webinar channel, learning/cpd portal or video channel
    3. Where additional automated communications are required

Once created, Custom Master Event Templates are then available to be used for as many events as you require.

You are also able to request (for an admin fee) a change to any component within a Customer Master Event Template.  

Examples of this are :

    1. Changing the email template used for particular comms
    2. Changing the styling of the event Registration page and/or Auditorium
    3. Adding a new email template
    4. Adding a holding page or Lobby

Once changes have been made, it will then become the Customer Master Event Template. If you require both new and old templates to be available for events, a second template must be purchased.

The available templates in your account can be seen under the Create Event tab when you login.

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