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Schedule Replay Events

Last updated October 2, 2017

As well as running live events the WorkCast Platform also allows you to run Schedule Replay events.  These are events that use pre-recorded media to play out to the audience at a scheduled time.  As such they are set up as though they are a live event but without the need for any interaction at point of broadcast from the event organisor or presenters.

Setting up a Schedule Replay Event

In order to set up a schedule replay event you simply follow the same steps as you would for a live event, the details of which can be found here - http://insite.workcast.com/how-to-create-your-first-self-service-webinar 


Once you have created your event for the relevant time and date simply use the radio buttons within the Event Session to change the event to a scheduled replay.

scheduled replay webinar

Adding Media

You can use any pre-recorded content for your schedule replay event.  Simply visit the Studio using the Present Now option and load your media in using the Session Content pod.  More information on media can be found here - http://insite.workcast.com/what-is-media 

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