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Presenter Best Practice

Last updated June 19, 2017

In order to make the most of your event it is important that your presenters have the best possible information to be able to prepare themselves.  Below are some helpful tips to share.


Logging In

When setting up your event you can email your presenters their login details.  These allow the presenter to login directly to their session only to be able to control slides, see questions, control polls etc.

Presenters will be given a link, a username and a password.  Dial in details are then displayed once they log into the plaftorm.

Note: your password will contain some special characters within it (!,?,<,>,£,$ etc), when logging in make sure you enter these correctly, in the format shown and avoiding any additional spaces before or after the password.


Viewing Slides

The WorkCast Studio instructions can be found here http://insite.workcast.com/workcast-studio-for-hosts-event-managers-and-administrators.  

The media hub contains a Flash stream for the presenters to see and control their slides.  In preparation presenters should visit the following page to check their set up


There is also an Image Mode which will allow them to see static version of their slides if required.  Presenters can flick between modes throughout the event and this will change their view only. Image Mode will allow presenters to move through their slides and transitions and see the stage the audience are at.  Videos and animated builds can't be seen on this view however.

Note: Audience members have various stream options available and are not required to have Flash installed to view the event.  Further details of the audience options can be found here - http://insite.workcast.com/streaming-technologies.  


Other Tips

  • Wired Internet Connection - where possible avoid wifi or celluar data
  • Landline Telephone - avoid mobile/cell phones or Skype.  If this is not possible ensure the phone is full charged or plugged in and reception is excellent
  • No Background Noise - the presenter should position themselves in a quiet room and inform others around them that they are on a live webinar and are not to be disturbed
  • Telephone Handset or Headset - to ensure the best sound quality and avoid background noise and echo a speaker phone should be avoided
  • Printed Copy of Slides - if the presenter loses internet connection they can still present on the phone and another person can move the slides in the studio.  Ensure the presenter has a local copy of their slides they can refer to

All of this information can be found in a presenter best practice handout here 

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