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PowerPoint in the WorkCast Platform

Last updated July 19, 2018

The WorkCast platform allows PowerPoint presentations to be presented in the format they were created in, including videos, animations and content builds.

These are hosted in our cloud based infrastructure and then streamed out into our auditoriums.

There are a number of best practice tips that we would recommend when creating your slides to get the best experience for your audience.

Slides Best Practice

  • Do NOT include Hyperlinks - If you wish to list a URL within your PowerPoint slides this will automatically be made into a hyperlink. For security reasons the WorkCast Platform does not support hyperlinks to external websites. Please ensure any hyperlinks are removed and turned into plain text before uploading your slides within the WorkCast Platform. Including hyperlinks will cause your slides to fail.
  • Use colour well – you don’t know the set up of the viewers computer, their screen quality or resolution. Avoid colours that could contrast, clash or be restrictive for viewers
  • Avoid small content – the slides are not being broadcast onto a wall mounted projector screen. Viewers may be watching on a laptop or mobile device so avoid fonts or images that are very small and may be hard to see.
  • Include videos – include videos into your presentations but set them to auto play when you click onto the slide. If it is a short video, set it to loop.
  • Embed your content – don’t reference external content on the web. Embed your videos, images, fonts etc
  • Choose your fonts – if you are using a custom font then embed it into your presentation. PowerPoint will otherwise fall back to the nearest font family
  • Use animations, but sparingly – include animations in your PowerPoint but only to add to your presentation, don’t let the need to move through builds in the slide detract from your content
  • Choose your slide aspect ratio – choose from either 16x9 (widescreen) or 4x3 for your slides. The WorkCast Platform can accept either

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