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How to use social media in events

Last updated April 7, 2016

Customers of Workcast Present+, WorkCast Producer+ and Enterprise licenses have the option to use social media in their event templates.

Social Media as Event Promotions

As the WorkCast platform is built on html templates, it gives tremendous flexibility for the use of social media through the event workflow.

Social media is a key way that events can be promoted and as standard WorkCast includes the following.

Social Media Share icons are used to help potential registrants and attendees share the details of the registration page or auditorium with their social media communities.
When the social media icon is clicked it will take the title of the event plus the url for the page for you to post to your followers as show in the twitter example below.


Alternatively, users can take the registration url or event url and post these manually into any social media platform they choose.

Social Media as a registration mechanism

WorkCast can also support the use of social media tools to enable registration for an event. For example, by using register with your LinkedIn profile. This can help simplify the registration process for attendees and also help promote the event to LinkedIn communities.


Social Media as an in Event feed

It is also possible to engage audiences using social media during an Event, either Live or On demand. The Template can be created with a social media feed built into either a Registration Channel page or an Auditorium and can be a great way to get audience interactivity fed into your event.


Promoting Recordings and Channels

Social media doesn’t just need to be for an individual event, it can be used to promote the recordings as either individual on demand recordings or to promote channels of webinars.

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