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How to make an On Demand event

Last updated December 18, 2017

Once your Live Event has taken place you can continue marketing it as an On Demand asset.

Present+ and Producer+ Users

Once you have run your Live Event, the WorkCast Platform will then give you the option to create an On Demand version.

In order to preserve your Live Reporting this will create a new On Demand session in your event, which can track all new On Demand views.

You can see the number of sessions available to create as ondemand in the top menu of your account next to the Events title.


Once your event has concluded and the duration time set has elapsed, your event will move to the top of the list in the event listing page and will show as Ondemand Creation Ready.

Once you click into your event you will see a bar across the top of the page showing the sessions available to publish as ondemand (multi-session events allow you to create the ondemand for whichever sessions you require).

To create your On Demand go down to the session you wish to make available ondemand and click the Create On Demand button (this does not commit any changes at this stage).



Your ondemand session is now created within the event.  You will notice that there are now 2 sessions in your event and you are editing the new ondemand session.  At this stage your ondemand is not visible to the audience until you are ready.

Note: in the event listing page your event is now showing as On demand available to publish and if you return to the event to edit you need to ensure you are editing the ondemand session.  At this point your original live session is still active and will have a green icon against it (and will be the top session) whereas your new ondemand session is not active yet so the icon will be grey.  It is the new one you need to edit.

One you have made your changes you can save and preview.

When you are happy to proceed click Publish On Demand to make the ondemand event active.

 publish ondemad.jpg

Your On Demand is now created.

The live event link had been updated and everyone who was registered for the live event will be able to access the ondemand version without having to re-register.

Administrator User Manual steps

This process is for Administrator users only and is the manual steps to follow to create the same result as the automated process detailed above.

Clone the live event session.

Tick the following check boxes:

  • Presenters
  • Auditorium
  • Documents
  • Pak Code
  • Access Codes
  • Form

In the Event Session update the following

  • Details Tab
    • Remove (CLONE) from the event title
    • Change the description to say “Now available to view on-demand”
    • Change the event type to on-demand
  • Content Tab
    • Load the on demand media
    • Remove any reference to date and time
  • Auditorium Tab
    • Untick “include questions”


Then within the Event tab revoke the live event session.

Approve the on demand event session and add this to the event



The live session should always remain at the top of the Event Sessions list.

Test the on demand using the same link that was promoted for the live event.

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