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How do I supply the PowerPoint presentation for my event?

Last updated August 21, 2017

For Present+ licence users the WorkCast Platform will direct you where and when you need to upload your PowerPoint presentation as you are setting up a new event or modifying an existing event. For WorkCast Producer+ and Enterprise licences you can navigate to the 'media' tab within the platform and upload your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint presentations can be used for the following functions.

  • Fully live events
  • Pre-recorded events with live elements

PowerPoint slides should be added in .ppt or .pptx format. The platform does not accept pdf. PowerPoint slides should be 16:9 (1280x720) or 4:3 (1024x768) dimensions.

There is no limit to the file size that the platform can accept but it is important to take into account file transfer limitations. Files larger than 300MB may see upload issues, if your PowerPoint is larger than this please seek assistance from [email protected] 

If your PowerPoint contains videos, ensure you test the replay of these. One of the key features of the WorkCast Platform is the ability to run videos, animations and builds within PowerPoint and have these honoured when presenting.  The platform ensures that any videos embeded in PowerPoints are able to play correctly within events by identifying videos in the slides upon upload and re-encoding these to optimum streaming settings ready for use. 

We would always recommend loading your presentation in plenty of time prior to the event to allow you to test and review your content before your event.

The WorkCast platform supports all standard Microsoft True Type font; any non True Type font should be embedded into the slide deck. PowerPoint decks should be free of all embedded documents (e.g. embedded excel or word files), custom xml data, invisible on-slide content and off-slide content (clip art, tables, graphics, etc that are stored 'off site' and not embedded into the deck).

Loading your Presentation Slides

Slides can be loaded directly into an event within the Studio. Details of how to do this can be found here - http://insite.workcast.com/workcast-studio-for-hosts-event-managers-and-administrators#session 

PowerPoint Best Practice Guide

For some more tips and guide to make the most out of your PowerPoint in the WorkCast Platform click here.

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