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Present+ Trial: Getting started

Last updated December 14, 2017

When you login, a help wizard will get you started and allow you to quickly and easily create “Quick Events” from templates already set up, in your account.

Before running an online event, go through our platform and discover all the features that you can use.

Here are some ideas on what to try during your trial:

  • Try recording a quick introduction video and inserting this in your slides. The best way to do it, is to set PowerPoint to start playing the video automatically when that slide is reached.
  • Add some animations and builds within your slides
  • Watch events on iPhones, iPads, PC's and Android devices
  • Setup some polls and see the power of getting audience feedback. Many of our clients run events that are much more engaging by making polls the focus. Ask the audience and discuss the results.
  • Add some documents, links and other resources to your event auditorium page to see how your audience can download relevant content in your event

Once you are a Present+ licensed customer you can turbo charge your events even further, with our product and template upgrades like:

  • Upgrade customer event experiences so you can create Quick Events that look like your website, intranet or any other design you need with a Custom Template.Custom Templates can be 100% matched to your needs, from registration, details emails to the live and on demand event experience.
  • Support Add-Ons - Our Monitored and Managed services provide extra peace of mind. You can take these extra services if you want to focus on your event goals and not worry about the practicalities. Our event managers check your setup, provide one to one support during the live events ensure smooth and stress free experience for all.

Testing your events

Because online events typically have large audiences, it can be tricky to create the exact same environment when you want to test your event. But you don't even need to - what we suggest is that you pull in a few colleagues and take the chance to run a test event.

Here’s a suggested approach for testing:

  1. For the test events you will play the role of HOST and Presenter while your colleagues will be the audience. If you also want to experience your webinar as an attendee, setup a 2nd PC and screen - we suggest you don’t try to do all roles on a single PC or screen.
  2. Set Up a Quick Event by following the steps outlined by the Wizard when you login. Set the time of your event for the following day. This will allow time for the reminder emails to be sent.
  3. The quick event will create a registration page for your event, send this to a few colleagues and ask them to register. Register yourself, so that you can see the reminder email process.
  4. Upload your slides or use the default slides we provide as standard.
  5. With about 10 mins before the event start time, log into WorkCast Studio by clicking the “Present Now” link in your event summary and dial into the presenters phone bridge.
  6. Start your event and make sure you press the “broadcast’ button so your audience can see.
  7. Click through slides while talking into the phone bridge. Your audience will be listening and watching the slides. Ask your audience to test the features you want to see, ask questions and run test polls.
  8. When you have done enough, stop your event and autopublish the on-demand version.
  9. Take a look at the graphs produced etc.
  10. If you are interested in more sophisticated analytics, request a consulation and ask us to show you the detailed analytics from your event.

Enjoy your trial!


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